What are the effects of cannabis on menstrual cycles?

"I’m more so looking for the way it affects the cycle in terms of irregularity or delay. I have PCOS, which I struggled with before I started using cannabis, and it caused one my cycles to be irregular. When I first started experimenting with cannabis I did it sporadically because I was testing new products to see what worked best for me. Recently in the midst of my longest cycle (89 days), I took a tolerance break and within days, my period began. Recently, I took another (shorter) tolerance break. When I began using cannabis again, 2 days later my period began after 35 days. Is cannabis possibly disrupting my cycle, compounding and exasperating the effects of PCOS, or is it unrelated and just my wonky cycle?"

According to a peer reviewed article on Marijuana and Menstruation, "Women who use marijuana have reported menstrual changes, such as anovulation, amenorrhea, and frequent menses. Studies show that THC changes hypothalamic function, altering pituitary regulation of the hormones that control sexual function and reproduction. These hormonal changes may shorten the luteal phase of menstruation. After a woman stops using marijuana, her menstrual cycle usually returns to normal."
Interestingly, another peer reviewed article on Marijuana and Menstruation does appear to demonstrate that tolerance to the ovulation-blocking effect of THC may build up in habitual users. However, more research is on the link between cannabis use and ovulation is required.


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