What are the long term effects of daily cannabis use?

"I use edibles and tinctures for insomnia I am wondering if you know of any studies or have information about the long term effects of using cannabis for sleep, on a daily basis? Lately, I’ve been hearing and reading that edibles, though they can enable falling asleep and staying asleep, they can also interfere with rem and other important sleep patterns. Since I got my prescription over the summer, I’ve been taking edibles and tinctures, almost daily, because of my insomnia, but I am slightly concerned about the fact that I often do not remember my dreams, and wonder about long the term effects of this… is it safe to take edibles daily and in the long run, do you know if it can it have an effect on the development of cognitive disorders? A doctor of mine previously told me that the regular use of certain sleeping pills can add to the development of cognitive disorders later in life, so I’m wondering if there is information out there regarding long term effects of cannabis for insomnia, and also what the consequences are for not reaching rem regularly as a result of cannabis use to treat this condition. Thank you in advance for any information you can share."

That’s a great question. I’ve had similar results from treating my insomnia with cannabis. It helped me to sleep but my sense was that it was an unnatural depth of sleeping. I also noticed strange dreaming when I was altered.
I’ve since shifted to Hemp oil at night. The lack of THC has seemed to have helped me not only to fall asleep easier but I wake up feeling fresher on less sleep.
Interested to hear more answered to this question.


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