What are the main differentiators which set W Vapes apart from your competition?

W Vapes cares about its patients by providing the highest quality medicine in our convenient and safe devices. The metal and glass construction of our cartridges preserves the robust flavor of our premium cannabis oils and is completely safe under high temperatures. We source pesticide-free flower of the highest quality from family farms, then do strain-specific, small-batch, supercritical CO2 extraction, under the supervision of a PhD Chemist, employing in-house and multiple 3rd-party testing labs. We use zero additives making W Vapes the cleanest and safest vape cartridge available. We ensure the quality and safety of our medicines through rigorous laboratory testing by our staff scientists and by a third-party laboratory. Our oils are also strain-specific, and we use a proprietary terpene separation process which enables us to preserve and reintroduce the original terpenes (extracted from the original flower, not food grade imitations) into our oils, creating a very robust and authentic strain-specific flavor experience. Our customer service also separates us. We are committed to providing our vendors and patients with quality medicine and support. After all is said and done, the ultimate proof of "what makes us different" is best discovered by experiencing W Vapes products, and by engaging with the amazing people that work with our company.


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