What are the most reputable dispensaries in the SF Bay Area?

"I would like to go to a dispensary and see a selection of products and talk to knowledgeable people."

I would recommend that you check out Harvest in the Richmond District. I found that the experience at Harvest was different from most other dispensaries I have been to.

Harvest doesn’t have the traditional queue for purchasing products. Instead they have their budtenders walking around with you, helping you along the way as you scope out each product. I found the atmosphere very friendly and the environment super chill. It was like a group of my friends had gathered at this store to help me figure out which product would help me best.

On their website Harvest says, "Take one step inside our shop and you will immediately feel it: this is not your typical dispensary. No waiting in lines. Exceptional service. No walls between you and the product. Feel free to browse our variety, ask questions, and buy at any time." I find these statements completely accurate.


I would also recommend the Berkeley Patient Group, one of the finest dispensaries in the state. They have a very clean and streamlined operation and a great selection of strains and products. It can get busy at times, but they have an express line for people who know exactly what they want and then another line for people who need some guidance. Plus good variety on price, a top shelf strain might cost a little more than you want, but then there will be some sungrown strains for $20/eighth too. Top quality establishment all the way around…


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