What are the potential side effects of marijuana, both good and bad?

"I’m pretty new to cannabis, and I’ve been hearing from certain people how great it is, but then other people tell me they’ve had a bad experience with it."

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When it comes to consuming cannabis, you must always remember the golden rule: start low and slow! You can always consume more, but you cannot consume less! We recommend that patients begin with a small amount to prevent an unfavorable experience from happening! But there are scientific reasons why some people experience positive side effects of marijuana but others can experience negative side effects from the same product.

Patients who experience positive side effects of marijuana more than likely have a higher tolerance level, especially if they are a frequent or regular cannabis consumer. Your body is more familiar with the effects, and they are often much milder. Another factor is the overall health of the patient. Someone who suffers from celiac disease, for example, is more than likely to experience different side effects of cannabis, compared to someone who suffers from nausea, or a non-digestive illness. Ailments such as these can interact with one’s endocannabinoid system, which can trigger either positive or negative effects from cannabis consumption. The endocannabinoid system can have effects on a patient’s brain, organs, connective tissue, glands and immune cells. You can learn more about it below:

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I’m going to assume that your question about the side effects of marijuana has to do specifically with the side effects of THC (one of the 2 most common cannabinoids in cannabis, which also happens to be psychoactive).
With that in mind, the potential negative side effects of cannabis can include: memory impairment, mental confusion, increased heart rate, anxiety, dry or cotton mouth, paranoia, dizziness. Oftentimes, these negative side effects arise because a person has had too much marijuana (for some, it only takes a little bit, while for others, it requires a lot of cannabis to get to this point). If that’s the case, then check out the tips in this article: https://www.hellomd.com/articles/5-tips-to-reduce-the-effects-of-having-too-much-cannabis
On the flip side, the positive effects of marijuana can include: euphoria, improved mood, pain relief, relaxation, reduction in muscle spasms, anxiety and digestive problems, and more. Have a look at the following article to learn more about the side effects of cannabis, specifically the pros & cons of THC. Hope this helps!


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