What are the qualities of this hybrid? Is it a mix of indica and Sativa?

"I am looking for the uplift of sativa without the heart rate increase (like w indica)."

sabita bhabhi


Hi! I’m not sure exactly which strand you’re asking about or if you’re just asking about hybrids in general? In another Q&A (link below) someone suggests Critical Kush as a good hybrid.


I don’t know if you are referring to a specific hybrid strain, but generally speaking, hybrids are a cross between a plant with sativa characteristics and another plant with indica characteristics. You can have hybrids that are more dominant in one characteristic over the other (i.e. sativa-dominant hybrid and indica-dominant hybrid). If you’re looking for something that’s pretty balanced, I’d recommend Blue Dream. It’s known for its universal appeal and it’s also pretty easy to find.

This article goes over the subject in more detail: https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/55d4c0dc6338310006000000/indica-or-sativa-making-the-right-choice

Danielle Lim

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