What are the strongest marijuana strains out there?

"I’m interested in knowing what strains have the highest THC percentage. I have chronic pain and need really strong cannabis to help me get through the day."

It depends on what effect you are looking to get, and also the types of strains and the exact high THC percentages that you prefer. From the symptoms that you are describing, the strongest marijuana strains I would recommend would mainly be heavy indica strains. If you prefer more flavorful marijuana strains I would suggest the various Gelato strains, GSC, Sunset Sherbet, Grand Daddy Purple, Purple Punch, Cherry Pie, Afghani, etc. However if you prefer less flavorful strains that still have high THC percentage, I would recommend Gorilla Glue #4, the various OG strains, Kush based strains, God’s Gift, Northern Lights, etc.


If getting enough THC were all that is needed you could just smoke or eat more, rather than try different strains. But the differences in effects between cannabis varieties seems to have a lot do with what else is in the plant, particularly the amounts of the many other cannabinoid compounds and, perhaps even more importantly, the amounts of the various essential oils (terpenes). It has been observed that pain relief is often best with whole-plant preparations in order to take advantage of the interaction of all the active compounds in cannabis working together, which is sometimes termed the "entourage effect" (try a search on that term). The Indica dominant varieties are often experienced as more sedating in their effects, and for some people this might contribute to better pain relief. But sedation is not always appropriate for ‘getting through the day.” There is no variety of cannabis that has been shown to be ‘better’ for pain relief. That effect is highly individualized. Many patients who try various hybrid strains will find one or two whose effects they prefer to the others, and use that clue to try related strains until they discover what seems most helpful for their symptoms. This is why I always suggest patients persevere in their exploration if the first cannabis they try doesn’t provide as much relief as they are looking for. I wish you success in your quest


After doing some research, I’ve found that the strongest marijuana strains consistently have over 20% THC content, and have been known to test upwards of over 30% THC. Durban Poison, Chemdawg, Godfather OG, and Strawberry Banana are some of the strains that I’ve found with the highest THC percentage. I’ve tried most of these strains and I must say that I agree with these being listed as some of the strongest marijuana strains. As long as you are located in our service area, you can purchase Chemdawg through us.

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