What are the terpenes in this strain?

"Is this why people say its good for creativity? Any personal experience with Sour Diesel appreciated!"

The expression of terpenes is specific to the plant and based on genetic predisposition, however, many growers have varied growing conditions which may produce slight changes in the overall levels of a particular plant’s chemical profile.

Laboratory profiles of Sour Diesel submitted to a Northern California Cannabis lab from plants grown in the Northern California area show Beta-Myrcene, D-Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha-Pinene, and Linalool as the predominant terpenes in the the entourage of terpenoids.


People describe the high of Sour Diesel as "cerebral" and report very little lethargy associate with smoking it, which is likely the cause of it’s reputation as a creativity aid. It keeps you calm, but mentally stimulated, while avoiding any physical drag. It is a predominately Sativa strain.

The terpene profile can vary from plant to plant, but in many terpene profiles Linalool is common. In a Japanese study, inhaling linalool was shown to reduce stress. Another common terpene is B-Myrcene, which is relaxing and also enhances THCs psychoactivity. In general, Sour Diesel is very skunky, smells like fuel and citrus.

I think people turn to Sour Diesel for creativity when they want something that will calm their nerves and their active minds, but will keep them stimulated, awake, and ready to create.


I add Sour Diesel terpene from https://www.true-blue.co/products/sour-diesel-terpenes to my vaporizer. I will say it’s really calming so it helps if you’re racing through a million thoughts. I can see why people say it helps with creativity because the calming effect helps you to think through your thoughts calmly and clearer.


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