What are vape oils made of?

Vaporizer oils are traditionally made of cannabis oils that were extracted using a supercritical CO2 extraction. Some are made with specialty butane (and other) extractions, but this is generally rarer. Some oils are pure or very close to pure, while others are cut with liquids commonly used in e-cigarettes to thin out the otherwise un-vapeable consistency (Vegetable glycol and propylene glycol, though vegetable is more popular). Some oils have terpenes added back into the oil that were lost during the extraction, while others leave things untouched. Others add flavors with the terpenes, like banana smoothie (thanks KURVANA!), or even make special blends dedicated to certain ailments. HMBLT is a great example of an ailment specific vaporizer.


Vape Oils, typically found in the "concentrates" portion of a dispensary’s menu, are made from concentrated cannabis oils. They are created by extracting and straining away the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant using either a solvent-less extraction method or a solvent, such as CO2 or alcohol. There is no plant matter in the oil concentrates, nor is there much terpenes left if any. Concentrates, as its name suggest, have a much higher THC or CBD content than the raw flower, up to 80% pure THC as opposed to 15-30% in flowers. Buyers shouold be aware that not all oils are created equal! For most brands out there the process of extratcting oil hardly ever starts with the most prisitine flowers. Less desirable raw materials are typically used for the manufacturing of oil with a focus on profit rather than quality. Make sure to research your vape oil carefully or source it only from a trusted dsipsensary who took the time to do the research for you!
At Green Door West we strictly offer vape oils which have been derived from the purest part of the cannabis flowers, such as the GoldCart and PureGold Squeeze Tube.


Like the other answers confirm, vape oil is a concentrated cannabis/hemp oil. CBD oil can be easily vaped. We agree with @greendoorwest that not oils are the same. Our organic "Respira" oil is a versatile, multi-use product made from the whole plant, and is a full spectrum cannabidiol tincture. There are no harmful ingredients like (PG, PEG) and it’s an all natural product.


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