What can I expect during the doctor's consultation?

Your doctor’s consultation is an important step in getting your medical recommendation. In most legal states it is required by law that you receive a doctor consultation and be approved for your medical marijuana recommendation prior to purchasing cannabis from a dispensary/collective.

If you are seeing a doctor through HelloMD, you will need to register, fill in your medical history, pay. During doctor’s hours, you will join the video meeting and then the queue where you will you wait for an available doctor, which usually takes about 1-5 minutes. Prior to seeing your doctor, you will be greeted by a customer service representative who will answer any non medical questions.

Once a doctor is available, they will join your video meeting. The doctor has your confidential medical record in front of them and they are able to review your medical condition(s) with you and talk about cannabis and whether this appropriate for you. You should tell your doctor about any of your concerns and whether you have used marijuana before as this is important information for them to know. This is just like any other medical evaluation, however it is over Telehealth and it is about cannabis and whether this will help you.

After your consultation, your doctor will update your medical record with notes and decide whether to approve you for cannabis use. In some cases this may not be appropriate. If you are approved, your medical record is updated and you are notified. You have access to a digital version of your letter of recommendation. That same day your letters and card will be mailed to you.

Hope this helps!


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