What cannabis products do you recommend for lower back pain?

Have you considered trying transdermal patches?

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Low back pain with radiculopathy or without can be treated by combination of CBD and THC product. During the daytime CBD oil with minimal percentage of TCH can be used up to three times a day, while withy breakthrough pain the patient can use vaporization method for fast relief and here the percebtage of THC can be higher, for example ratio CBD: THC 2:1. In the article "Medical cannabis – the Canadian perspective" Ko, Bober, Mintra and Moreau (2016) presented case study of a patient with chronic lower back pain with radiculopaty and sciatica that was on different pain killers prior to start medical cannabis . So at 60 days of follow-up, "the patient’s pain was lowered to a weekly average of 3/10" (from previous 7/10) on a numerical rating scale. "The patient also indicated he did not see a need for pregabalin, and had begun the process of lowering his daily dose"(Ko et al., 2016).

Ko GD, Bober SL, Mindra S& Moreau JM (2016). Medical cannabis – the Canadian perspective. J Pain Research. 30;9:735-744. eCollection 2016.


Try a whole plant full-spectrum cannabis extract with equal amounts of THC and CBD. A good starting dose is 5mg each of THC and CBD, three times a day. Wait a few hours after using the tincture and then increase the dose as needed. A vaporizer can be helpful for more immediate effects. Topical THC and CBD will also provide localized effects.


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