What cannabis strain would help the symptoms of Lyme disease?

"My husband was recently diagnosed but has had Lyme disease for ten years. He is 72 and can’t keep food down. What strain should I buy him? "

Most people with Lyme disease, who are treated with antibiotics, recover completely. However, some develop syndromes after treatment, with chronic pain being the most common. Medicinal Marijuana is a great treatment for chronic pain, and the THC/CBD ratio is what Healthcare Providers focus on, as opposed to the different strains. A 1:1 THC/CBD in the form of a Sublingual Tincture would be ideal for your husband, as it provides pain relief and may serve as an appetite stimulant.


Lyme disease, or post-Lyme illness, affects a large population, especially if you include all the people experiencing chronic pain or other conditions they attribute to previous treatment for Lyme disease. Medicinal cannabis can help reduce nausea, and its utility in chronic pain is well known. It is also biologically activity in the body systems related to immunity and inflammation, and in the laboratory this activity seems to be a moderating one. This has lead to people with Lyme illness trying cannabis to see if it not only reduces the discomfort of their chronic pain, but hopefully also calms the inflammatory response causing their condition. There are no clinical studies to refer to because this is still basically laboratory science. But cannabis presents no significant toxicity in the body; that makes it reasonable to experiment with it to see if it is helpful in this situation. You note that your husband “can’t keep food down,” but without further explanation of whether he is taking any medications or feeling chronic nausea it’s hard to advise on that. Medicinal cannabis can be taken as a mouth spray or lozenge, and of course inhalation works very well either by smoking or vaporizing. Perhaps a vape pen would be the easiest way in this situation. I agree a 1:1 CBD:THC preparation is a good place to start, but I would be prepared to do some cautious experimenting with the CBD:THC ratio and also try various strains in order to find what is most helpful.


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