What Do I Do With the Flower I Vaped?

“When it starts tasting like popcorn, I know it’s pretty much done, but it seems like there could still be some value to it. What can I do with the leftover, already-vaped, brownish flower?”

“ABV,” Already Been Vaped, is excellent for cooking. Lots of good recipes online. Search for ABV recipes. Best to extract cannabinoids from ABV. Heat coconut oil to simmer in frying pan on stove top. Add ABV, cook, but don’t overheat, for one hour. Cool 20 minutes. Strain oil through cheesecloth. 20-25 grams ABV in 1/2+ cup coconut oil will make great brownies, using any package mix. Delicious. Potent. Strong body high.


If you don’t want to cook with it, put it into a pipe and smoke it. There is lots of goodness left in the vaped herb.


I save the “leftovers” and when I get enough I make an oil for my edibles.
I use avocado or coconut oil (healthy oils). I don’t measure the oil but I think it might be around 1/4 cup and place your leftovers in the frying pan and let the herb lightly sizzle until your oil is browner.

I have played around with it and it really works. You can add as much oil to your edibles as you want.

This is another reason to vape, you get your money’s worth.


EAT IT! Seriously, you can just eat it. It’s actually common enough that already vaped bud has its own acronym: AVB. As long as you are not charring all of your flower, there is still some THC-A left that has been decarboxylated and is now psychoactive THC. Of course you will lose some of the terpenes and cannabinoids along the way, but by no means is this material waste.

Here are a few ways you can use AVB:

  1. Since this flower is psychoactive you can actually ingest it like a seasoning on top of another dish. I have tried lightly vaped flower in a BLT with avocado– a little crunchy, but otherwise delicious.
  2. You can also make a tincture. Soak the AVB with alcohol in a dark container (most use a clear tasteless brand like Everclear), wait a month or two and then strain it. Enjoy your tincture!
  3. Scoop some of it into a Gel cap and ingest it.
  4. Just eat it raw! Might be gross… but hey no one’s judging!
  5. You can also play around with the temperature on your firefly to decarb your flowers for use with edibles. That way you can make a micro batch of edible weed for whatever purpose you would like. You can find all sorts of info on proper decarboxylation all over the interweb.

All of these you can look up in more detail on the almighty googlé and some recipes are improved by using fatty substances to improve bioavailability.

I will also add here that it is very hard to measure the dosage and you could find yourself either overshooting or undershooting the potency you desire. I want to add a lot of caution here as edibles can make for some very uncomfortable experiences if you take too much. I won’t go into much detail, but your liver processes the THC that is ingested, causing it to be a much more potent molecule. Start very slow and work your way up.


I would suggest melting butter and adding the material creating yummy bud butter for toast or brownies!


I collect the vaped materials and let them age for a few months in a jar. This apparently produces high levels of CBD from the degraded THC, which can be revaped in the evening to help with insomnia and anxiety. Because the herbs are super dry, be sure to how the vape on a lower setting. It’s also a good time to add other herbs like peppermint, lavender, lotus flowers, damiana and anything else that can successfully be vaped.


Some people take the ABV (already been vaped) and cook with it using coconut oil or infuse it with butter for cooking. I dump mine in a mason jar until ready to use.


Personally, I put all of my ABV in a container and save it until I am out of fresh flower and then roll it into joints and smoke it. It actually is better than some of the fresh flowers that I have vaped.


THERE ARE SOME MANY WAYS! (Caps absolutely necessary.) My personal favorite way is through edibles. Possibilities are endless. Hummus, greek yogurt, brownies (classic), cookies, shakes, smoothies…

In my personal opinion nothing beats a Reese’s peanut butter cup though, so why not mix those two ideas together. I found this step-by-step picture guide of how to make some awesome cups which might be helpful to you! https://imgur.com/a/q7ACQ
I unfortunately can’t claim the creation of that wonderful guide, but I can attest that it works without a hitch.

To find other good recipes you can just search the interwebs. The ABV and AVB subreddits are a great place to start!

Be well!


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