What do u think about medical cannabis and Chairi Malformation?

I think you are speaking of a Arnold-Chiari (Type 2) Malformation, which is the most common. This is when the lower part of the brain called the cerebellum, which controls balance, is pushed through the opening at the bottom of the skull called the foremen magnum. When this happens there is physical pressure on the cerebellum and can cause a blockage of the spinal fluid that normally circulates and pressure can build up.

People who have a Chiari Malformation can have symptoms of neck pain, balance issues, dizziness, visual issues as well as somewhat vague symptoms such as insomnia and depression.

Sometime this is diagnosed when looking for something else and a bony abnormality can be seen on a head X-ray. A MRI or CT scan can also detect it.

Surgery is the only treatment available to correct the functional physical bony abnormality that is causing the symptoms and to open up the space so the pressure on the cerebellum is relieved and the spinal fluid can circulate freely. Cannabis has no place in treating this anatomic abnormality though it may help the symptoms. That said, some Chiari malformations are asymptomatic and don’t interfere with daily living and sometimes pain is the only thing a person experiences. In some of these cases cannabis can provide that type of relief.

Perry Solomon, MD

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