What do you carry for immediate reief from fibromyalgia/chronic pain. Back. arms,shoulder, etc., areas

Have many injuries spinal cord,need shoulder replacement,but do to age young doesn’t want to do,also arthritis, do Take medicine for seizures only had 1 grand maul seizure,2 mild ,have asthma, sleep apnea,have troubeen get to sleep,and something help with weight loss think that would work as well to loose to reduce pain


Cannabis has proven to be very effective for the pain associated with fibromyalgia. You can use cannabis topicals, flower (for smoking or vaporizing), or edibles; in fact, you can use a combination of the three to combat the pain from all directions. THC is great for most pain. Please do a search here in our answers, I think at least one of our doctors has addressed this question more completely in the past.


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