What do you like to smoke your weed out of?

I like smoke out of my sparkl pipe from Ocean Beach.


I love joints for my outdoor adventures, but if I am indoors, I have a rastafarian colored pipe [yellow, green, and red] that I loved to use! I named it Robert Nesta! 😛


Lately, my bloomfarms highlighter


CloudV ElectroMini but can wait for my VapeXhale to arrive!


CloudV, but can’t wait for my VapeXhale to arrive!


Good ol fashion bong/water pipe. It’s wild to see how technological some smoking devices have gotten. Vaping is the future I guess…


My favorite consumption method would hands down be the Grasshopper Vaporizer with the Performance Front-end and my bubbler from Grav Labs. The Perforamnce Front-end seamlessly attaches your Grasshopper Vaporizer to any 14mm downstem and allows for huge vapor cloud production. I find my lungs are happier than when combusting. For more information about these products, check out grasshoppervape.com.


For me, my favorite way to smoke flower is still in a joint. I think that a good unbleached rolling paper or a hemp rolling paper is truly the best way to enjoy your experience. A joint allows you to taste the flower more than other ways like bongs, pipes, or blunts. Even certain vaporizers to me often leave a distinct aftertaste that is reminicscent of burnt popcorn. Many true cannabis conniseurs are consuming more exclusive, exotic, and flavorful strains, for example, some of my favorites are Gelato and Sunset Sherbert, not only for the effect, but for the sweet, creamy taste on the inhale.


I’m a bong user or joints.


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