What do you recommend for restless leg syndrome?

As yet, there’s no real research on RLS and cannabis use, but cannabis research has shown that cannabinoids help with muscle spasticity — not exactly the same, but in the same ballpark. Years ago, I had a partner who had RLS and once I was awoken, I would count in between the leg jerks. Remarkably, the movements were almost always exactly every 30 seconds for about an hour after he went to sleep. It was an education for me because this showed me that there was definitely a neurological component and he wasn’t just fidgety. 😉 CBD is a great nervous-system calmer. THC is wonderful for sleep and pain. I’d start with a 1:1 tincture. [Note, CBD is always first in these ratios CBD:THC] Or, if you’re comfortable with inhaling, smoke or vaporize a little cannabis before bedtime. An indica-dominant strain is best for nighttime.

A note about starting any new method of cannabis delivery: We are all cannabinoid deficient. This lovely medicine was part of our diet for thousands of years. Our livestock was fed hemp. We used it for a whole range of ailments before its prohibition in the 1930s. That said, any new method of delivery may take a few days of regular dosing before desired effects kick in, as you will be ‘uploading’ cannabinoids, which both makes the CB receptors in your body more sensitive and, research shows, may even help create new ones.

Take the tincture (check with the dosing on the label/with your budtender) about a half hour before bed, under the tongue until you cannot taste it. If you’re using drops and not droppersful, watch in the mirror to get the dosing right. It may give you some relief right away, or it may take a little time. Give it at least a week of regular dosing. You may also want to try a 3:1, or, in the daytime, use a 20:1 as a way to activate your endocannabinoid system to go to work for you!

Please let us know how it goes!


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