What do you recommend for someone fighting stage 4 colon cancer?

Has your colon cancer spread to your liver? Both CBD and THC fight cancer but typically you can’t stay high all the time unless you’re homebound or have a driver. During the day you may want to do high CBD tincture in MCT oil if you don’t want to be high. Some patients report good results with a 1:1 tincture but you would experience being high until your body adapts to the strengths of this dose without being high or asleep. Many people will do the Rick Simpson oil but please be certain tests have been done for purity since it is known to be extracted with heavy solvents. I always suggest patients have their genetic chart done through 23andMe.com, but then you want a methylation analysis. What you’re looking for is anything that brings your immune system down because those are the areas that need extra support. You could have a VDR snp making it more difficult for your body to hold onto vitamin D and vitamin D is a hormone that is essential for your immune system to act right. Most patients are deficient in vitamin D or at least below the optimum level which is above 50 ng/ml. If you have an MTHFR snp, you have a predisposition to cancer and heart disease but there are specific nutrients to help you bypass this defect. Please consider reading Dr. Amy Yasko’s book, "Feel Good Nutrigenomics" available on Amazon and that gives an excellent overview of why we all need our genetic chart done. You can help your body tremendously by knowing your genetic chart and bypassing your specific defects that predispose you to disease. You can win this battle! You may have to put boundaries when you see a doctor that you don’t want to hear negative predictions because it’s hard to remove those negative comments from your brain once they have already been made. Knowing your genetics is your secret weapon that can help you regain balance and health.


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