What does Moxie Meds tincture taste like?

"I’d like to use it to help with my PMS symptoms, but I’m a bit worried it will smell/taste like marijuana (not a fan of that smell!)"

Moxie Meds tinctures are flavored with organic strawberry and organic basil extracts. They taste very minimally of cannabis and smell like strawberry primarily. Patients will find the flavor enjoyable and will be unlikely to notice much of a cannabis taste.


I find Moxie Meds to taste quite nice – sort of sweet with a very faint cannabis smell. Because the tincture is quite potent, I don’t need a lot (a few drops under my tongue) so the taste is mild and does not stay in my mouth long. Other people cannot smell it on me after I consume it and then drink some water. If I add it to a tea the taste is almost undetectable.


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