What does the community suggest for lower back and hip pain?

Really, it depends on how you want to administer your cannabis and what you want from your cannabis.
If you’re ready to jump in the car and drive, you know you can’t be high so you want to go with the cannabis that will give you pain relief and not make you high, so that might be a topical CBD dominant salve because you won’t be high but you will have excellent relief of pain for approximately 4 to 6 hours.
If you’re home from work but you’re not ready to be couch locked with an Indica, consider a four-part CBD to one part THC in an oral spray you can put under your tongue and you should be able to have a relaxing evening with the family and friends and you can even cook a nice meal.
You can vaporize a high CBD like AC/DC, 30 parts CBD to 9 parts THC, will typically get you out of pain in about 10 minutes with a mild relaxing psychoactive affect.
About one hour before you want to go to bed you may want to vaporize a 1:1, CBD: THC to help you slide into sleep and it’s nice to have the 1:1 next to your bed in case you wake up in the night.
In addition, I recognize that most people are vitamin D3 deficient and your body can’t call you on the telephone to say, "What happen to the vitamin D?" So please be certain that you’re vitamin D3 intake is adequate to relieve your back and hip pain and that usually requires your blood level to be between 55 ng/ml – 95ng/ml for optimum pain relief.
Hydration is extremely important because your low back and hip pain may be originating in your spine and the spine is very sensitive to dehydration, so please always be certain you are hydrated.
Stretching, walking and posture is also another factor that must be addressed.
The body likes to be healthy and well and wants to be healthy and well so if your body is talking to you, please, try to understand the signals your body is giving you and you will be much happier in your body.


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