What dosage and daily frequency do you recommend for insomnia using cannabis?

Usually, insomnia is due to anxiety, stress or pain, when the brain is overactive and you need it to shut up so you can go to sleep. You want to treat the inflammation and pain with CBD cannabis especially the salve or balm applied before bedtime while you are also working at the laminating inflammatory foods from your diet. The anxiety and stress maybe trying to communicate something to you and then I wonder if you should actually ignore it or pay attention. Are you doing the work you came here to do in this lifetime or have you settled for less? If you know you are in the wrong job, wrong relationship or just not taking care of yourself maybe you want to get back on track instead of ignoring the symptoms. Have you been doing too much THC? THC is very overstimulating. I find a lot of patients you have insomnia are using Sativa cannabis and then following with Indica but that’s a big mistake. The THC in the Indica will boost the THC up from the Sativa over stimulating your brain. After using Sativa, try using a healthy dose of CBD, because a high CBD/ low THC tincture will combine with the high THC in the Sativa to make an Indica and you will go to sleep.
It is always good to take a cannabis holiday when you do not do any cannabis.
This method of using your medication will likely help you sleep better because you are addressing the reasons you experience insomnia.


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