What extraction method/s (and how many) are used in ea. targeted formula? Are the formulas all natural?

Hi and thank you for your question. At hmbldt we use a number of different methods to take raw plant material and process it into our formulated need state extracts. First, we perform a primary CO2 extraction of the plant material, which then goes through a winterization process to remove excess plant material and other co-extractable matter. Next, a rotary evaporation process is performed prior to fractional distillation, which increases the purity of the extract to a point that we are able to have materials high in either THC or CBD, with which we are able to perform a final formulation to the exact ratios of each of our need state products. Our terpene formulations are then formulated and added to the correct ratio extract to create our final formulations.

Our hmbldt formulations NEVER contain any propylene glycol, PEG, vegetable glycerin or any other cutting agents that are commonly used to “cut” cannabis extracts intended for vaporization, guaranteeing that the hmbldt need state formulations are always all-natural.

hmbldt guarantees satisfaction – all cannabis used in our formulas is sourced from Humboldt County, CA. – hmbldt uses no fillers


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