What high TCH topical can you recommend?

"My daughter in law has been using Dragon Balm. The label says it’s THC 225.12 mg to CBD 25.76 mg, which is a very high THC:CBD ratio for a topical. It is only sold in Oregon, (we’re in California) and they don’t ship. Do you know if there is something comparable available here?"

I have been hearing great things about the Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm 3:1 ratio (they do THC/CBD in their ratio order – it usually the other way around). The base is coconut oil and apparently there is a high terpene content as well.

"We currently offer two formulations. Our award-winning 3:1 ratio formulation has more than 400 mg of cannabinoids per jar and is also offered in 15 ml jar that contains over 135 mg at 3:1."

Personally, I have not tried the Papa & Barkley balm. The other brand that I have tried and keep in my bag is Aunt Zelda’s topical which contains 10 different essential oils as well – which I think for me makes a difference! I hope this helps.


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