What is a good edible to buy for the holidays?

“I’m thinking particularly of an edible for my aunt who is interested in cannabis but hasn’t indulged before.”

Patrica S.

More and more people are becoming interested in edibles, but in some ways the cannabis industry hasn’t kept up with the selection of their products. Many people are becoming bored with the usual gummies, because they often just seem like cheap candy — sweet with bright colors and not the best ingredients.

Herve macarons are a perfect holiday gift.

However, this is changing. I really like the light melt-in-your-mouth goodness of Herve Macarons. The company uses only the best ingredients, with a Sativa hybrid distillate containing 10mg of THC per cookie, to capture the creamy, crunchy goodness of the best French-crafted macarons. The cookies are hand-brushed with 23-karat gold leafing, which really makes them a great holiday gift.

Herve is a Las Vegas-based brand that started distributing its Macarons in Nevada, in 2020, quickly getting a lot of fans. It then opened up in California the following year, keeping the same flavors but reformulating the cookies for local tastes, removing all dairy products, for example. Their Macarons are also gluten-free, handmade, vegan and come in gift boxes that are sustainable packaging.

Herve macarons a perfect holiday gift.

But order soon, because the Herve Macarons are enormously popular and sell out quickly, especially with testimonials such as Wine Enthusiast’s, naming it: “The best cannabis edible gift for luxury seekers.”

Chuck Rolly

Edibles are a great replacement for alcohol over the holidays.

Good for you and good for your aunt. It’s nice that she’s open to trying something new, and it’s nice that you are trying to introduce her to edibles in a way that makes her comfortable. If she doesn’t like to smoke, because of health reasons or the association with hard-core marijuana culture, then edibles are a great choice.

No one needs to know they are consuming cannabis edibles — they’re just sweet treats, which everyone has at Christmas. Edibles usually come in measured doses, so you can control your intake. I’d suggest if the edible has, say, 10mg of THC per piece, then your aunt should try half to see what her tolerance is. If that goes well, then she could go up to a full treat, or a treat-and-a-half. She’ll also like enjoy that the effects of edibles are usually longer lasting than vaping or smoking.

Like many others, she might also be concerned with the health effects of drinking alcohol, She might be interested to hear that there is a real movement afoot in this country to replace alcohol consumption with using cannabis in different forms.

Cannabis can replace alcohol quite nicely.

Young people especially are making the switch, because cannabis can have fewer negative health consequences than booze. There’s no reason they shouldn’t introduce their elders to the benefits of edibles and the growing range of cannabis-infused beverages that are delicious, providing some of the effects of alcohol with fewer negative health consequences.

Wouldn’t it be great to ring in the holidays, including New Year’s, with a delicious ReCreate Mango Hibiscus Drink? It has only 30 calories and combines full-spectrum extract with uplifting botanicals like Yerba Mate to help keep you energized and uplifted throughout the day. Cheers!


Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 8.09.53 AM.png

I don’t think we need to dismiss cannabis gummies altogether. There’s a huge variety of them out there — some with better-quality ingredients than others.

If you are the DIY type, you can even make your own marijuana gummies. It’s not too hard and you can customize the recipe to your particular tastes. You can, for example, control how much THC or CBD you use.

While gummies are often full of sugars, dyes, and artificial flavors, you can choose to make them a bit healthier by adding vitamins, probiotics, and other supplements. For the gelatin, you might try grass-fed gelatin, which is often more nutrient-dense than other gelatins you can buy. You can also add some kind of vegetable juice to the gummy to give it a nutrition and flavor boost.

With a bit of experimenting you can turn the original (non-cannabis) gummies from a child’s treat into a discriminating adult’s reward — good during the holidays and any time of the year.

Laurie Benz

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