What is a good tincture for inflammation and back pain?

Most tinctures work well but especially the high CBD tinctures but I personally do not like the ones with alcohol because if I choose to do alcohol it may be in a beverage occasionally, rather than in medicine. I like the tinctures in MCT oil but I do not know if there is an actual difference in the effectiveness since both seem to work well. In addition, all of us are Vitamin D deficient since we do not live naked outside and Vitamin D is made in the oil in the skin so we cannot make Vitamin D in our skin after 50 years old and you should not wash the oil off your skin. If you get darker in the sun, your skin likely blocks the production of Vitamin D and without supplement, you will likely go on to develop the diseases associated with vitamin D deficiency, depression, anxiety, hypertension, heart disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, Weight gain, Osteoporosis, arthritis, chronic pain and even cancer.
I also think it’s a good idea to ask your local Bud Tender, what tincture did they see as their largest seller for back pain issues. They tend to know what they carry that works the best.


I would reccomend a whole plant high CBD tincture. You can try various ratios of CBD and THC, depending on what best treats your pain and works for your lifestyle.


I agree with Dr. Vanderveer, a whole plant high CBD tincture is a good place to start..many of our members find very good inflammation and pain relief with just the high CBD tinctures. Since every one is different, if you don’t get relief from just a high CBD tincture, try adding a small amount of THC tincture to the mix. Some people have found that this combination worked better for them. Tinctures provide very consistent dosing. Be willing to give yourself some time to experiment to find what works for you!!


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