What is a titanium nail?

"How do you use it with marijuana?"

If I’m not mistaken, a titanium nail is the portion of a dabbing rig that is heated w/ a butane (or other torch) then the dab/ concentrate is added to coat the nail before inhaling. I personally am not a fan of dabbing though. The concentrations of cannabinoids are so high that physiologic tolerance is almost immediate. I have found zero literature supporting the use of dabbing in a medical sense, more than a couple of case reports in the literature of ER visits 2ndary to breathing issues or anxiety/ panic induced by dabbing. Finally, I have actually met a patient who went from dabbing to heroin use (the dabbing rig btw is derived from one use to inhale heroin based on the research I’ve done). If others can inform me more about the potential for medical use of dabbing I am always open to respectful discussion


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