What is available to help the pain of neuropathy?

Hi there! This is a common complaint that many people use cannabis to manage. Please check out the following search results that came up when I looked up this topic on our site, they include articles, posts, and Q&As:


Neuropathic pain may be associated with nerve damage, or can result from problems modulating pain signals in the nervous system. This type of pain is difficult to treat, and many patients have tried gabapentin and similar medicines with only partial benefit. Cannabis seems to be helpful for some patients in reducing their discomfort. Finding a preparation useful for their symptoms often requires patients do some cautious experimenting with different varieties of cannabis and different preparations containing various CBD:THC ratios. I suggest reviewing this article on the HelloMD website (https://www.hellomd.com/articles/cannabis-101-your-quick-guide-to-medical-marijuana) as an aid to discovering what might be useful and appropriate in this situation. I suggest starting with preparations with at least equal amounts of CBD and THC, at low doses, and gradually increasing the dose and varying the CBD:THC ratio until some relief is felt. I hope this is helpful.


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