what is best as a sleep aid?

I’ve always had trouble sleeping. But now it’s got worse and insomnia at night and walking dead during the day is my normal. Do you have cannabis recommendations that work well as a sleep aid?

Matthew J.

Yes, lack of sleep is no laughing matter. You endure long, frustrating nights, often with your darkest thoughts, and then even longer days where you lack energy and have trouble focusing.


Everybody has trouble sleeping now and then, but if it is a chronic condition it could be a sleep disorder such as insomnia, where it is hard to nod off, to stay asleep if you manage it, and to get enough shut-eye to keep you healthy.

Sleeplessness can lead to health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and weight gain. You may feel fatigued and irritable during the day. You are not alone with your problem sleeping. Sleep disorders affect up to 70 million Americans every year. Insomnia symptoms are found in about 33% to 50% of the adult population, while chronic insomnia disorder is estimated to be about 10% to 15%.

Traditional treatments for insomnia could be medications, such as various kinds of sleeping pills, and therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. But more and more people are looking to cannabis as an alternative to help them sleep, often to avoid the heavy side effects experienced with some traditional medications.

Some studies show that many people report falling asleep easier and more quickly after consuming marijuana. As well, cannabis can sometimes decrease episodes of sleep apnea, helping patients sleep more consistently throughout the night.

Being sleepless in Seattle — and everywhere else — has become such a common problem that more and more cannabis products specifically designed to help get much needed rest are hitting the market. For example, in the HelloMD article archive we have an interview with Pianta Tinta, whose company Pianta Tinta Collective develops high CBD tinctures, oils and rubs that help with insomnia, as well as other conditions, such as chronic pain.

Said Tinta: “We recently produced a high THC tincture [Romulan Super High THC Tincture] that we feel is particularly good at relieving insomnia. As we all know, insomnia can be difficult to overcome. Not everyone has insomnia for the same reasons. For instance, one person may not be sleeping because they have pain related to inflammation. If you bring the inflammation down with a high CBD product, they may be able to get a good night’s sleep every night. In other instances, a high THC tincture will help relax a person who struggles to get to sleep and also help them to stay asleep longer.”

Sleeplessness can be due to a variety of causes. So cannabis offers a number of THC- and CBD-leaning solutions that can address different reasons for the problem.

Three strains of cannabis that have a good track record of helping people to sleep better include:

  • Harlequin: This is a hybrid cannabis strain that is 75% sativa-dominant, and strong in CBD, with a CBD-to-THC ratio of 5:2. Harlequin helps people to relax, and fall and stay asleep. Because it has minimal psychoactivity, it’s good for people who suffer from anxiety-related insomnia.
  • Girl Scout Cookies: This is an indica strain with 20% THC and 2% CBD. It’s known for its sedating, full-body relaxation effects, so it may be good for those suffering from insomnia. Girl Scout Cookies is a very potent strain, so go slow is good advice, since it can produce strong psychoactive effects.
  • White Widow: This is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain that is known to be more cerebral and relaxing while providing a well-balanced high. With about 20% THC and 2% CBD, White Widow is often useful for insomnia associated with pain and depression).

Jack HMD

The greatest marijuana strain to help you sleep better depends a lot on what’s causing your sleeplessness. Insomnia can be caused by a wide range of psychiatric or medical disorders, poor sleeping habits, or other biological factors. Acid reflux, hypertension, chronic pain, melancholy, stress, anxiety, or a recent traumatic event like the death of a loved one can all contribute to insomnia.

Insomnia can also result from late-night activities that induce adrenaline spikes, such as working out after work. In addition, late-afternoon or evening caffeine consumption, as well as working, watching TV, or eating, can all contribute to insomnia.

If you can alleviate your insomnia by just changing your sleep routine, go ahead and make the changes. Marijuana, on the other hand, can aid if you’re having trouble sleeping due to other concerns including pain, melancholy, stress, or anxiety. When patients were administered THC, they took significantly less time to fall asleep, according to a 1973 research published in Human Pharmacology. Meanwhile, a 1981 study found that giving patients with insomnia a 160 mg dose of CBD enhanced the length of time they could sleep compared to giving them a placebo.

Here are four marijuana strains that are better at relieving insomnia caused by chronic pain, while others are better at relieving anxiety.

Here are the strains I recommend:

  1. Harlequin
    Harlequin is a hybrid cannabis strain that is 75 percent sativa-dominant. Harlequin is strong in CBD, with a CBD-to-THC ratio of 5:2. Pain, stress, anxiety, and sadness are all known to be relieved by this strain. Harlequin is a relaxing strain that helps people fall and stay asleep, despite its sativa dominance. Because it has little to no psychoactivity, it’s very beneficial for persons who suffer from anxiety-related insomnia.

  2. Cookie Jar
    Cookie Jar is a cross between White Fire Alien OG and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. This marijuana strain can aid with anxiety and headaches, but it’s most recognized for its overall relaxing effects. As a result, Cookie Jar is an excellent choice!

  3. Girl Scout Cookies
    Girl Scout Cookies is an indica strain that has 20% THC and 2% CBD. It’s been used to treat depression and is recognized for its sedating, full-body relaxation effects, making it a suitable choice for insomniacs.

  4. White Widow
    This well-balanced hybrid marijuana strain is noted for being more cerebral and soothing while yet delivering a well-balanced euphoric experience. It contains around 20% THC and 2% CBD. White Widow is especially beneficial for sleeplessness caused by pain or despair.

Nurse Oc

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