What is best for anxiety?

Is Sativa or Indica best for anxiety?


In my perspective, it will always be CBD. I have had brief anxiety and panic attack episodes on many occasions especially if I was to speak in public, take presentation in class for instance where I would shake like a leaf.

CBD oil has helped me a lot to get it together, It has kept me calm enough to take control again.
I don’t prefer THC content as it makes me nauseous, so I consume the CBD oil with no or low THC strain.
I hope it will provide aid to others too.


After extensive market research over the past couple of years visiting hundreds of dispensaries, testing products, holding surveys, and providing CBD, people have reported that CBD is what helps with Anxiety. THC can trigger their anxiety, especially in Sativa dominant strains.

It is very difficult today to get pure strains, and to actually know what strains are in the cannabis products. This is due to the number of growers, differences in regulations from state to state, grandfather regulations placed on growers for their current stock allowing it to be labeled for legalization (these regulations vary per state), and their growing practices.

After sampling hundreds of different strains from many different dispensaries in numerous medical and recreationally legal states, I personally have come to the conclusion that anxiety can also be aggravated by the amount of growing chemicals that remain in the plant due to insufficient flushing.

The CBD isolate I use eliminates these issues providing anxiety relief.


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