What is best way to administer cannabis to treat fibromyalgia?

I am not a doctor but I am answering this question because I have used cannabis to treat my own fibromyalgia successfully. If you have been diagnosed, you know that the definition is pretty vague and the treatment options are limited. For myself I determined that a change in diet and lifestyle was necessary and I dropped both gluten and soy which helped immensely. I also started to do a lot of yoga, which also helped.

In terms of cannabis, I take daily doses of whole flower CBD tincture 1-2x a day depending on how I feel. There are many brands out on the market in California and other medicinal states. I suggest a 20:1 ratio. I also take a high CBD/Low THC tincture, about 10mg of CBD and 2.5 mg of THC per dose. If I feel like I need more to combat any pain I will vape a high CBD strain such as Harlequin or Canna Tsu. A little bit though. I am a huge fan of micro dosing, I wrote this article on it a few weeks ago:


Everyone is different so experimentation is necessary in most cases. You may also benefit from a topical cream if your pain is localized.

Hope this helps!

We also just published this article last week which you may find helpful:


As a cannabis massage therapist, I recommend that my patients with fibro use both topical forms of cannabis/cbd as well as ingest cbd in the morning for energy and anti inflammatory properties and in the afternoon and evening use edibles and teas as desired.
Cbd is very much over looked and has amazing healing properties. I would echo the point below that everyone responds differently to cannabis products and CBD products, so you will have to experiment. Also, route of administration is critical so vaping, edibles, tinctures, etc. may need to be explored.


THCa and CBD can be especially helpful for treating symptoms and the root cause of fibromyalgia. We like Jayden’s Juice and Care By Design for consistent, organic, additive free options. Topicals are also incredibly helpful for more instant relief of the chronic pain. We make both a topical pain balm, as well as an infused massage oil called Kneaded which people report getting great relief from. If you can find a massage therapist willing to work with the massage oil – its an extra blissful and relieving treat.


Cannabis is good for fibromyalgia but you always want to investigate the cause of fibromyalgia so the problem can be treated appropriately.
In other words, if you are eating a lot of greens, consuming dairy and taking calcium pills, you may be triggering muscle spasms from too much calcium in your diet.
If you are eating out a lot or consuming fast foods or junk foods your diet is high in Omega 6 so you have high inflammatory cells in your body and you need to make a move to much healthier eating or you will see the consequences in your lifetime and in the meantime you suffer with a lot of pain.
Juicing green bud from Cannabis would be an excellent idea for you And get your vitamin D level checked.
The topical CBD dominant salve applied to the painful areas of your body frequently, will also help to start reversing your pain problems.


This is a qualifying condition in California. If you would like to purchase medical cannabis you will need a license first. Please click "Get Medical Card" to begin the registration process. This gives you an overview of the process: https://www.hellomd.com/about-us

If you already have a recommendation, then you can find businesses near you by going to the Biz Listing tab on our website. If you would like more info on which strain can help with Fibromyalgia, please post another question asking about what cannabis products will best help fibromyalgia.


Fibromyalgia is a miserable problem! Please, try the CBD dominant tincture and CBD dominant topical salve to help get your body out of misery and hopefully improve the quality of your life. For daytime use you may want to stay with CBD oral spray tinctures and as long as you stay at or above 8:1, CBD dominant tincture you should not have any psychoactive of fact but you may want to start with a little higher the 8:1, or you could stay with the CBD salve for work hours. Consider starting your experiment with CBD tinctures on your day off, start low and slowly increase the dosage until you have obtained the desired effect. Usually when you keep the THC level very low the CBD’s do not cause you to be drowsy but if you have high THC with the CBD, you very likely will go to sleep.


Yes, medical cannabis works well for chronic pain and fibromyalgia but you must have a recommendation to get into a dispensary to purchase quality cannabis products at this time.


Many of my patients have had good relief using high doses of CBD alone that addresses most of these problems. Muscle atrophy is a disturbing symptom to me because it may indicate a more insidious process like nerve degeneration illness. Symptom control generally occurs with up to 180 mg per day of CBD for fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. After the first month the dose can generally be reduced by half or 3/4. High quality CBD products are available in every state without restriction or prescription.


Yes, we’ve definitely seen cannabis help with fibromyalgia from an observational standpoint. We’ve found that some are responding well to THCA during the day and 1:1 before bed, some are responding to small doses of 1:1 during the day and others really like combining THCA, CBDA, CBD and THC – it seems to have an additive effect for pain relief. It can take some time to find what works best for you, but we’ve personally seen many patients find great relief with cannabis for fibromyalgia.


Hello! Fortunately there are many options currently for people looking for non-psychoactive cannabis products. I would recommend her to use some topical cannabis on the site of pain. Topical products, whether cream, salve, lotion, etc, are non-psychoactive for the most part. She could apply that several times a day as needed. She could also use some higher CBD/lower THC internal products. You’d want to look for a CBD:THC ratio of at least 10:1. Options there include vaporizing, sublingual, and edibles, among others. I would work with her healthcare provider to ensure she is decreasing the current prescriptions in a safe manner. Many people have been able to reduce or discontinue the opiate pain medications after using cannabis. Good luck!


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