What is Jayden's Juice?

"I hear a lot about it, but I don’t know what it is."

Jayden’s Juice is not a juice but it is a non-alcoholic tincture 28:1, CBD:THC ratio so for people needing a high dose of CBD’s this is an excellent product in medium chain triglyceride oil (A very healthy carrier oil). You may go to Jaydensjuice.com to read about the product.


Jayden’s Juice is a line of cannabis extracts. One of the earliest products to market of its kind, it was developed by a man who was treating his son’s health issues. They have one of the highest therapeutic CBD ratios available on the market at 28:1. All their tinctures are made from whole plant extracts in MCT oil (a component of coconut oil).

There are many CBD extracts out there, and all of them work differently for different people. We’ve had many patients find relief from these products.


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