What is recommended for daytime nerve pain?

"My doctor recommended "A good starting dose for pain might be 2.5-5mg CBD". She went on to say "CBD alone without any THC may not be as effective for pain", but gave not guidance on THC. "

 I have a great deal of personal and professional experience in the safe and effective management of neuropathic pain, having served as a spine trauma researcher. I suggest you start with a CBD enriched transdermal body balm, lotion or massage oil. This makes sense because research has proven there are cannabinoid receptors in human skin in nerve and inflammatory cells. By stimulating them with a Cannabidiol (CBD) enriched topical that penetrates the skin, the transmission of nerve cell mediated pain signals to the spinal cord and brain are blocked! CBD was patented by the Federal Government for it's neuroprotective benefits and bench research in an esteemed pharmacology journal showed CBD promoted neurogenesis...the creation of new nerve cells! The distribution of the neuropathic pain is important. If you have a carpal tunnel syndrome due to occupational repetitive strain or sports overuse, it is easy to apply a CBD enriched transdermal to the wrist and median nerve distribution of the thenar eminence, thumb, index and long finger. If you suffer from a diabetic peripheral neuropathy in a stocking and glove distribution you can apply the transdermal to your feet and lower legs or to your forearms and hands.
 I advocate for the use of transdermal topicals for athletes and people working in public safety and emergency response capacities because in the concentrations available in most preparations, cannabinoids do not absorb into the blood stream to trigger undesirable psychoactive or sedating impacts on human cognitive performance. Memory, reaction times, psychomotor coordination and balance are not impaired by use of transdermal body balms, lotions and massage oils in standard preparations available at most dispensary's and collectives throughout the State of California.


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