What is recommended for someone with cancer?


I highly recommend CBD products for cancer patients. My friend is suffering from Melanoma i.e. skin cancer since a year.

I once recommended her to use CBD products from my own experience, as i suffer from migraine, i know its not the same but it helps with pain.

It has helped her a lot as it repairs the cell damage and helped with pain management.

I use CBD on daily basis and it has been very beneficial.

I recommend you CBD Oil because it is the most potent source of CBD, I’m inserting my recommendation link below.



I have some members that are dealing with cancer, some want to take cannabis to help with the negative effects of chemo/rad and others want to target the cancer cells (apoptosis). There are no studies I know of that have to do with cancer and cannabis in humans, but Dr. Christina Sanchez in Spain has done alot of work with THC and cancer, she has youtube videos. The members I have that are taking our super high CBD tincture along with a concentrated THC oil are doing quite well. They have been getting CT scans every 3 months and there has been no new activity for over a year. (4 patients) Since I am not a doctor, I can’t say that it will help with your cancer but I have seen great benefit for patients!


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