What is recommended for someone with mouth cancer?

If you are asking does cannabis cure cancer, and in the case of your question, mouth cancer, the answer is no. There has never been any study that shows that cannabis cures cancer. In the laboratory with isoloated cancer cells, from mostly mice, there seems to be cell death when THC/CBD is applied. Does this translate to cannabis curing cancer in humans, no it does not. That does not mean it may not work in some way, but it is unknown. There usually is no harm in using cannabis when you have cancer, as it does have anti-inflammatory properties and can stimulate the appetite if you are undergoing chemotherapy. I would suggest following whatever directions your physician has recommended to treat your mouth cancer. If you infact want to use cannabis at the same time, I would encourage you to tell your physician that you are doing so.

Perry Solomon, MD

Hello, Let me share with you one thing, I suffer from chronic back pain and anxiety and I have a friend who has suffered from Melanoma in other words skin cancer.

As a long time CBD user I suggested her to try few CBD products as CBD is a natural pain reliever and from the experience of our both I suggest you try CBD for mouth cancer pain related treatment.

I’m going to insert the link of product that I use, I know chronic back pain, melanoma and mouth cancer aren’t the same thing but hey if it works than it works.


And If you want to know more about what actually the CBD is than i recommend you check out the link i’m inserting below:



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