What is the approximate frequency of required cleaning for the Firefly2?

"Approximately how many grams can you medicate with before it gums up and requires cleaning?"

When ever you see any build up in the mouth peace or in the heating chamber or the air path owners manual has other info on cleaning


According to the website VaporizerWizard.com, it should be cleaned every 10 to 15 sessions. Below is a comparison to the Pax2:

So both of these units are pretty easy to clean, but the FF2 is definitely the winner in this category. You really don’t have to clean the Firefly 2 very often and when I do it takes less than 30 seconds.
The Pax 2 is also easy to clean but the long stainless steel vapor creates a little more work overall when compared to the Firefly 2. With the Pax 2 you will need to take a pipe cleaner with a bit of isopropyl alcohol on it and slide it down the vapor path, this will clean out the vapor path and push out the oven screen. Then you will need to take a vipe (vape wipe) or a paper towel with isopropyl alcohol and then you will wipe underneath the silicone mouthpiece, wipe out the oven, and wipe both sides of the screen. The Pax 2 can drop in performance if you don’t clean the vapor path and oven screen which will cause a slow increase in draw resistance.
With the Firefly 2 you can wipe down the entire unit in less than 10 seconds with a wipe. The only thing that would take a little bit longer would be if you needed to clean the mouthpiece but that’s extremely easy as well. I generally do a wipe down on the Firefly 2 after about 10-15 sessions. You can definitely go longer without affecting performance if you want to and really the only thing that gets dirty somewhat fast is the window, but it’s just cosmetic and doesn’t affect performance in any way.


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