What is the benefit of using whole plant CBD?

I highly suggest this article: https://www.projectcbd.org/article/cbd-misconceptions
CBD Misconceptions, goes into the differences. Below are a few of the main takeaways:
Industrial hemp is by no means an optimal source of cannabidiol. Single molecule CBD (even if it is plant-derived) is not going to be as effective as CBD that also includes some THC, terpenes and other secondary cannabinoids. These compounds interact with CBD and THC to enhance their medicinal benefits (this is called "The Entourage Effect").
Industrial hemp typically contains far less cannabidiol than CBD-rich cannabis strains, so a huge amount of industrial hemp is required to extract a small amount of CBD. This raises the risk of contaminants as hemp is a “bio-accumulator”—meaning the plant naturally draws toxins from the soil.
Hemp-derived CBD and refined CBD powder lack critical medicinal terpenes and secondary cannabinoids found in cannabis oil.
We have a blog post from the Cannabis Health Summit where, Dr. Deborah Malka is quoted saying “efficacy numbers of CBD hemp oil are completely different than CBD whole extract – by tenfold… (so) if 10 mg (of whole plant CBD) works for you, you’d need 100 mg of CBD hemp oil"… and ideally you would also add a supplementary terpene-containing essential oil like hops to mimic the Entourage Effect.


Here is an article from Martin Lee, ProjectCBD that talks about synthetic vs whole plant CBD and also has the link to the Israeli study. https://www.projectcbd.org/article/synthetic-vs-whole-plant-cbd
If you think about it…nature has already figured it all out and puts together amazing combinations of chemicals and compounds, we humans think we can do better but that is not always the case!


I have had severe pain for two years from a unsuccessful knee replacement. A doctor tried to fix it but it keeps getting worse. I like sativa but need something strong because I do not like taking the pain pills that have been prescribed. I usually don’t use them and I live in Marin county and hardly go out after being a very active woman. Please help with recommendations on what to take and maybe of there is a doctor you recommend.


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