what is the best cannabis oil to beat cancer?

"What is the best cannabis oil to beat cancer?

This is an important question, with no simple answer. Cannabis and the endocannabinoid system seem to have incredible potential to treat conditions that have been resistent to traditional treatments. Given the fact that cannabis has no toxic or overdose potential, it is one of the best medicines available. Which cannabinoids and terpenes are most beneficial? And in what ratios? And in what dose? And in what route of administration? These questions might be answered in the years to come. I think whole plant cannabis is far superior to any of the cannabinoids in isolation. Cannabis is an incredible teacher plant that will continue to show us how little we know about the processes of the body and how much more we have to learn. It would make sense to me that sunlight grown, organic (maybe bio-dynamic) cannabis that expresses a balanced ratio of cannabinoids, that is grown, harvested and processed with intention, love and care would provide the best medicine.


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