What is the best cannabis product for arthritis pain ?

"I do not want psychoactivity or increased appetite. I want pain relief, relaxation, and to just feel good."

Try a whole plant extract in tincture form with a high ratio of CBD:THC, maybe 30:1 or even 15:1. Its up to you to decide what feels good and what it means to feel relaxed.


To address both issues you say you do not want, I would highly recommend a topical cream like Sweet Releaf. When cannabis is applied to the skin, it affects the body very differently than smoking, eating, or ingesting it. You don’t get psychoactive effects because it doesn’t penetrate directly into the bloodstream in any quantity sufficient to induce psychoactivity, but rather is absorbed in the various skin levels via tiny capillaries throughout the dermis. But it does address the pain rather quickly in the area where applied, usually within 5 to 10 minutes and lasts several hours or even through the day depending on how deep or chronic the pain is. For arthritis, I recommend re-applying the topical when pain returns. Usually, once or twice a day is enough.Generally speaking, once the pain lifts, it’s much easier to relax and feel better. I’ve never had anyone tell me that our topical increases appetite the way smoking or eating cannabis does. I hope this is helpful.


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