What is the best edible for insomnia?

"I use the Kiva bars at a very low dose right now (approx 7 mg THC) but I still wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. I’m new to this and have a low tolerance. I am looking for an edible that will help me sleep but won’t make me high?"

Satori chocolates can help you sleep.

Satori makes delicious milk & dark chocolate edibles in several low dose options. If you are not sensitive to chocolate or caffeine at bedtime, this could become your favorite nighttime treat. A typical serving is about 5-10mg. However, if you are new to edibles, start with a couple 1mg Satori organic milk chocolate raisins, or a 2mg Satori blueberry in dark chocolate. Starting low and going slow is the best way to achieve your goal of a good night’s sleep and avoid any undesired side effects. 140mg per box total. Low in sugar, free of gluten, GMO and corn syrup. Purchase Satori edibles at www.octaviawellness.com


CBD has very little psychoactivity and therefore doesn’t make you feel very high. I’d suggest trying a few high CBD edibles. A few examples – Om Edibles CBD sipping cacao, Oara CBD chocolates, Moonman’s Mistress CBD cookies (paleo, gluten-free).

If you want no high at all, another option is to self-massage with a cannabis topical oil before bed – that can be extremely relaxing and help you fall asleep without any high feeling.

Many people also find 1:1 THC:CBD tinctures to be extremely relaxing with only a minimal high – Moxie meds make a great 1:1. A few drops under your tongue before bed will have a very light psychoactive effect – likely you’ll just feel calm and ready for bed.


We have clients who enjoy the GummiCares Indica (Blue Package) gummie. However, we recommend starting small at 1/8th of a medallion which equals 8.1mg, versus the indicated dosage (they recommend 1/4 or 16.25 mg).

We also have loyal customers who sing the praises of Swerve Snooze Bars, but again, we recommend starting SLOW AND LOW. Each bar is 50mg so we tell clients to divide it into 8/ths which would be a 6.25mg dose.

And finally, our micro-dose go-to edible is Satori Raisins, which are 1 mg per raisin, and makes it easy to dose and causes a nice relaxing inner experience.


Many of our clients (including my mom) have sensitivity to THC. We recommend Absorb CBD as a good mind-relaxer, which leads many to a better sleep experience. The taste is pleasant, containing high-quality ingredients including fractionated coconut oil and Buckhorn Oil with CBD CO2 extract.

We recommend two sprays under the tongue 20 minutes before bedtime.


Food is what nourishes the body and that should be considered in choosing edibles that are low in sugar and not containing ingredients that could cause inflammation in the body. It has been stated that eating a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrate and eating irregularly can cause a reaction in the body that triggers the “fight or flight” part of the nervous system, causing wakefulness.


Here is my answer for a Sensi Chew question. I still believe they are the best insomnia edible: Sensi chew "Insomnia" of course! It even has melatonin in each dose. The pieces are a strong 25 mg, so you may need to break them into smaller doses if you do not have much of a tolerance for edibles. Be careful about the taste as well.. I love tootsie rolls type candies and Sensi chews are absolutely delicious! Don’t eat too many like I did. I ate about half the bar and Slept for 14 hours.


Great question! First of all, thank you for using our products. It’s possible that you are not taking an optimal amount to treat your insomnia. You might want to try a 10 – 12MG THC dose and see if you have the same issue. If you are still waking up in the night, then the second approach would be trying an indica-only edible. Kiva’s products have both sativa and indica strains in them, so it’s possible that if you have a sensitivity to sativa strains, which can be stimulating you at night. There are some wonderful companies out there doing tinctures, capsules, and other products specifically formulated for sleeping. You could try combining one of those products with a topical or transdermal patch directly applied to your spine for pain relief. Budtenders will help you to zero in on some good options to try. We hope this helps and good luck treating your insomnia!


I am sorry to hear about your continuing pain. Treating chronic pain is always a challenge and can take some time to adjust dosages of any medication, cannabis included, to obtain the desired effect. As you know Kiva produces many different concentrations of THC in their bars. Trying a stronger dosage is one option since it might also decrease your reliance on opioids. Another is to try a different manufacturer such as SensiChew that has a product that contains CBD as well as melatonin that can help aid in sleep as well as help pain.
Some people find that using a vaporizer in the middle in the night works if they do wake up. Using a Indica flower might help at that time such as Granddaddy Purple or Tahoe OG Kush.

Perry Solomon, MD


In one study, increasing the dose of THC also increased the amount of time spent sleeping.
However, higher doses of THC also caused a “hang over” feeling in some subjects when they woke up, while the feeling was not present at lower doses.

I also have a lower tolerance for edibles and I take KIVA bars in different dosages according to the results that I want to achieve. For daytime, I take a 5mg dosage to remain productive and energized. For bedtime, I take double my minimum dosage which is 10mg or max 15mg.
I encourage you to increase your dosage in small amounts until you find the perfect amount for you.

A common side effect to Oxycontin is sleeplessness. I applaud you for taking the necessary steps towards kicking the pain killers. You got this!

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I have difficulty sleeping through the night due to pain as well. Personally, I need a minimum of about 60mg to get a full night’s rest and no other form of consuming cannabis get’s me the rest I need like edibles. If I were in your situation I would just titrate my dose until I found I was sleeping through the night, so I would increase my dose from 7mg to 14mg and try the 14mg for at least three night, if you’re still not sleeping as you’d like move up to 21mg, etc. Once you find out where you need to be with your dose then you can adjust your buying based on the lowest amount you need. I also only use edibles for before bed, for whatever reason I feel like if I snack on them during the day I don’t have as good of a result as when I save them for an hour before bed. Just personal experience, hope you find pain relief and a good night’s rest soon!


As I understand it, your body has all sorts of receptors that receive messages from compounds that enter your body. When these receptors receive certain compounds it causes reactions in your body that do things from causing happiness to letting you now that you need to go to the bathroom. Your body is also always trying to go back to homeostasis, or its "normal" state.

When you add new compounds into the mix, your body tries to bring you back to where it was for generic survival reasons, regardless if what you are doing is helping or hurting you. If you smoke a bit of flower, you will feel the edibles less later on in the day, because your body has now recognized that the cannabis is a new substance so the more you use it, the more your body will try to make you feel like normal. This is especially apparent in the cognitive effects of cannabis, and much much less so in its pain relieving and anti-anxiety effect. This is generally because of the complex relationship between serotonin, your brain, and cannabis.


Hi there! Cannabis is definitely a great way to ease body pain and insomnia! Check out some our articles that discuss some of our favorite products for treating insomnia and chronic pain:

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If you are suffering with severe insomnia and anxiety, it sounds like your using too much THC. Anxiety is a disease that must be treated adequately throughout the day in order to help sleep at night so low doses of CBD (8:1) throughout the day maybe indicated to calm any anxiety or stress that may be building up. After work you may want to go to a 4:1, CBD: THC (This could make you tipsy so please don’t drive)And then about an hour before you want to go to bed, or a little earlier if you like, you can move into a 1:1, CBD: THC to help you go to sleep. If you do suffer with brain chatter you may want to keep a higher CBD tincture (like nonalcoholic 18:1) in your refrigerator and get out of bed and take a dose of CBD’s under your tongue to help quiet your mind so you can sleep. Good sleep hygiene should also be followed. I would love to hear how this works for you after you have tried this for approximately two weeks. If this doesn’t work for you you may have to address what is causing your anxiety.


Yes, you are able to obtain a good nights sleep without the psychoactive effects.
Do you stress throughout the day? If you do stress throughout the day you have to learn how to quit stressing and that is achieved by staying in present moment and using CBD.
I do not know what dosage will work for you to put you to sleep but when I want to go to sleep I often times will take approximately 3 mL of 28:1, CBD dominant tincture and I’m typically asleep within an hour.


There are many opinions about insomnia because everyone is different and the cannabis affects everyone differently so be aware that what I suggest usually works but it typically will not work for everyone. We do offer a great chat room with lots of opinions.
I recommend that you get your CBD and THC at a high 1:1 level and you will sleep. Too many people do high THC and I think that keeps a party in your head all night and when that happens it is an indication you need more CBDs to shut the party down. If in addition you have aches and pains be sure you treat those problem areas with the CBD dominant topical salve and you will sleep well. You may rest better if you keep a vape pen of 1:1, CBD:THC next to your bed in case you wake in the night, 1-2 puffs will likely put you to sleep.


Many patients dealing with insomnia have reported positive results when taking medications with both CBD and THC. You might try adding a CBD-rich product in conjunction with your Kiva bar. If you want to try something new, Moxie Meds Relief 1:1 tincture which is balanced CBD and THC, it’s easy to administer one drop at a time so you can easily adjust your dose and contains no sugar. If you want even less THC Moxie Meds also provides Recovery 4:1, which is 4 parts CBD and 1 part THC. Patients with conditions related to anxiety and inflammation report a great deal of support with the 4:1 ratio. Wishing you a good night’s rest!


I have trouble falling asleep, but once I’m out I’m out until the morning, so my issue isn’t quite similar to yours. Have you tried the Sleep vape from HMBLDT? I personally dislike the flavor of it, but it does do the trick. Vaping will work quicker than an edible.

My current fave is a gummy from Valhalla. I do get a bit high from it, and the munchies, if I take it too early… but if I eat it, then brush my teeth, wash my face etc. by the time I’m in bed, it kicks in. It gives me that "sink into bed exhausted" feeling, in a good way, like after a day of physical work where you feel like you could just melt into the mattress.

Also trying out sublingual mints and a few other brands, but so far, the Valhalla has been my fave. https://www.valhallaconfections.com/

The gummy is quite big, and 10mg, so you could experiment with a smaller dose by eating half.

And you’ve probably done everything else for sleep hygiene – eating meals that promote sleep, have a nice mattress, so you don’t wake up due to physical discomfort etc.?


It’s hard to give the right answer as to what is the "best" edible as everyone reacts differently to cannabis. What we do know is that one of the most popular reasons people try cannabis is for its potential to ease insomnia, whether that is to get to sleep or to stay asleep through the night.

One of the reasons edibles are often chosen is that they are long lasting. A typical edible will last for up to 4-6 hours. Many people will take an edible a couple of hours prior to bedtime, so they start to get sleepy as their bedtime approaches. For me, I do not have trouble falling asleep, rather I often wake up at 2am, so I take an edible right as I go to sleep so that it starts to take effect at around midnight and will get me past 2am.

I also have a very low tolerance for THC. For instance, 5mg is my maximum dosage for THC and my sweet spot is between 2-3mg. If I take more than 5mg I will go to sleep but I will wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back to sleep.

In terms of products available in CA, my favorite edibles that help me to fall asleep are the Kiva Petra Mints, Kikoko’s ‘Sympa-Tea’ which is high in CBD and low in THC, and Satori’s chocolate covered strawberries. All of these are low in THC and easily dosed. I always suggest trying a low dose first and working up to the dose that may be your sweet spot.

I would also suggest that you try some CBD edible products. Some people sleep very well with CBD. I hope this post helps, these are my opinions


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