What is the best edible for temporary low back pain?

It’s hard to say what edibles are best for lower back pain because everyone reacts differently to cannabis. What works for me may not work as well for you. How well you tolerate THC and the best method of ingestion vary from person to person. My questions to you are:

  • Have tried many other products to see what works best for pain? Topicals, gel caps, vaping?
    -What is your tolerance with THC? High or low?
    -Have you tried CBD for pain?

For me, taking too much THC exacerbates pain, so I tend to lean towards CBD dominant products with a ratio of 3:1 when vaping and even higher when I take tinctures.

If you have a high tolerance where you can take upwards of 10mg you have a wide variety of choice. Plus Gummies are very tasty and people often swear by the uplifting effects. Another edible people like are Kiva espresso bites which are chocolate covered coffee beans and are a lower dose at 5mg a bean.

If you seek an edible that is healthier and incredibly tasty, I am a big fan of the new Kikoko teas, which are around 7mg of THC per dose and the flavor in the tea is amazing.

If CBD is an effective pain reliever for you, I really love Satori edibles and they have a variety of CBD options like the chocloate sea salt almonds.

I’ve included a HelloMD article below on back pain.

I hope this helps!


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