What is the best for treating cancer and pain related to the cancer.

Hello. Here is an article we did a while back about cannabis for cancer fighters. It mentions a company called Constance Therapeutics (https://www.hellomd.com/biz/56d471674cdae70008000135/constance-therapeutics), which specializes in medical cannabis products and could be a great place to start to pin point exactly what would work best. Hope you find these two links helpful!


Gabriella has posted a very good article! I have many cancer patients using cannabis medicine and what they have found to be most beneficial is a concentrated THC oil and also a High CBD tincture. Both CBD and THC works well for pain, appetite, nausea of cancer and chemo side effects.


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According to me,

CBD is the best alternative medicine treatment for cancer and cancer-related pain.

CBD is well known for the soothing and relaxing effect it has on pain.

CBD is also the best pain reliever in the market.

Majority of cancer patients who suffer from cancer and goes through treatments like Chemo and Radiation treatments suffer from massive bone marrow cell damage and hairloss.

While CBD is also known to treat post-cancer damage and pain

I’m going to insert a link below that might help you to know more about CBD and its benefits.


Hope this was helpful!


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