What is the best form of Cannabis to use for treating thyroid issues like a cyst in the thyroid.

I would advise the use of high dose CBD/low dose THC cannabis in a non-alcoholic tincture to stop the inflammation but it will take time and you should start at a low dose spread out through the day so it does not make you dizzy or tired for at least the first week then you can go to twice daily dosing but you will not feel the full effect of CBD for 3 to 4 weeks.
Now for the real issue….. You’ve very likely are deficient in vitamin D and/or iodine. Be certain you are not doing any dairy at all because that inflames the thyroid. If you have been eating a lot of cruciferous vegetables you must cutback for now. Do not take calcium supplements. I will include an article on vitamin D. Most doctors will not check your iodine level because it costs money to test it and it takes time to explain it to you. It is a 24-hour urine test and they will give you two iodine tablets and measure how much iodine comes through in your urine to see if all of it comes through, you’re not deficient but if little comes through you’re very deficient. Have you had Hashimoto’s disease? Do you only have one cyst? Do you have a problem with your vitamin D receptor in your genetic chart? If you have VDR in your genetic chart you may have to take higher doses of vitamin D, consistently to heal your thyroid. This is not a simple problem and most doctors will only drug a thyroid problem rather than help you heal it because that is what the insurance CEO mandates these days. You might go by your local health food store and read all the books on thyroid disease to get different opinions on how to treat the thyroid naturally but I have giving you an excellent start. Since I don’t have any of your lab results I can’t advise you any further but keep in mind not all cysts are benign.
I have one patient that had a normal exam of her thyroid, the next day she had a giant cyst and it was documented on the ultrasound, and the next day it was gone again. I did the exam three days in a row and we have documented results from her ultrasound. The body does strange things at times but that was clearly a case of inflammation. I would put you on topical CBD salve in addition to the oral CBD’s. Good luck, treat your body with intention to heal. Once you go on thyroid medication and you’re on it for three months, your body becomes very dependent and does not want to go off medication.


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