What is the best marijuana for neuropathic pain?

Studies performed in rat models and subjective survey results of Cannabis users indicate that Cannabidiol (CBD) at doses between 2.5mg and 20mg per Kg of body weight produce laboratory evidence and subjective reported relief of the symptoms related to peripheral neuropathy and radicular nerve pain from spinal nerve root injury. Exact dosing in humans has not been determined and likely needs more study, but preparations of concentrated CBD are available in many dispensaries.

Recent studies related to symptoms of chemo-therapy induced peripheral neuropathy show that using CBD concentrated products in conjunction with chemotherapy treatment may reduce the risk and intensity of chemotherapy induced neuropathic pain and persistent neuropathy.


I, nightly, use a CBD topical which relieves the burning pain. It does not complete get rid of the pain but there is enough pain relief my sleep is not disturbed by pain. Transdermal patches are not as effective but they can relive pain on the big toes. I would like to find an ointment with a 1.1 THC/CBD ratio as I feel it would help more.


A relative close to me uses Sweet ReLeaf to help with their neuropathy:

They rub it on their feet to aid with the tingling and burning sensation that arises from neuropathy in the extremities.


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