What is the best marijuana ointment for continuing facial neuralgia caused by a shingles episode?

If I understand correctly, you have neuropathic pain in your face from a damaged nerve which causes localized pain. I can only speak to product that I have used for localized pain which have worked for me. I like the topical Sweet ReLeaf best as well as Xternal creme. Sweet ReLeaf has activated THC whereas Xternal does not. Neither have a terrible cannabis smell. Topicals do not get you high as they do not cross into the blood stream. If you are interested in learning more this is an article we recently published:

Topicals: A Revelation in Treating Pain with Cannabis


I am not a doctor and this represents my opinion only. I hope this helps!


Glad you asked. A patient with Bells Palsy and signs of varicella infection responded immediately and dramatically to CBD on his initial dose and made steady improvement over the last week. That included steady improvement in his facial nerve functions as well as immediate skin lesion recovery. He was using an Elixinol concentrate 30 mg twice per day orally. See my post on Bells Palsy on my facebook.


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