What is the best medication for excruciating back pain? I need help fast!

Chronic back pain, be it caused by neuropathy, inflammation, or muscle spasm, can be alleviated with medicinal cannabis. A variety with a 1:1ratio of THC:CBD maximizes the analgesic, muscle relaxing, and anti-inflammatory activity, reduces anxiety, and elevates the mood . Patients who use this ratio remain clear minded, focused, and productive without feeling high or stoned. Topical cannabis salves and lotions are also very effective in reducing or eliminating pain. For more severe back pain, a bit more THC can be pain-distracting. Meaning, while pain may still be present, the patient isn’t "bothered" by it.


I am an osteopathic physician and have been doing integrated medicine and nutritional medicine with 45 years license experience so there are some very simple things that may have been overlooked in your care. First, be sure you correct your posture at least 100 times a day. Your nerves can’t call you on the telephone to scream, "get off us" and if you drug this pain and it’s just compression on the nerve, it has to scream louder because pressure on the nerve, kills the nerve. Second, add dehydration to the posture problems and you have even more pressure on the nerve. Long term dehydration, dehydrates the disc increasing the risk that simple movement can fracture the disc allowing the jelly center to extrude putting more pressure on the nerve especially when you add inflammation. Third, most humans are nutritionally deficient in vitamin D and they are under the delusional belief they can get enough sun to make up that difference. Our ancestors live naked outside all day, they did not wear sunscreen or shower frequently and we know wearing clothes, sunscreen and showering the oils off our skin when we come in from being outdoors actually reduces our vitamin D since we make the vitamin in our skin. Vitamin D really should be called hormone D because it is necessary for all healthy functions in the body. I find the lab values are wrong for vitamin D levels. The laboratory says 30 to 100 ng/ml a vitamin D3 is an okay level but that’s if you don’t mind Ricketts a devastating bone disease. For optimal health you must maintain your vitamin D3 serum level (25-OH D) above 55 ng/ml. If you have kidney disease your kidney clearance must be monitored. Why don’t doctors talk about it more? Because in most doctors have never studied nutrition and have no clue how to help you get well but there’s certainly well-versed on how the drug the symptoms away but then you lose a valuable feedback loop of your body communicating with you.
If you are well hydrated, stretch frequently and maintain good posture, increase Omega-3 and reduce all Omega-6 and Omega-9 in your diet, you will start to improve but adding high CBD cannabis will act as a very effective anti-inflammatory but it is just not instantaneous and takes about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks to get rid of most inflammatory cells. Then add the topical cannabis salve and you should start to feel well in a very short period of time.
There are many other natural tests that can be done to tell the state of your nutrition and are of great benefit in helping you get attain a higher state of health but most doctors are now employed by the insurance industry who dictates how your doctor will practice medicine for profit to the insurance company, after all, a well patient is worth no money. I have always believed if I help one person heal, that person sends 10 friends.
Good luck on your journey to health. We’re here to help you.


Topicals! Cannabis topicals are amazing for pain. I’d recommend something like Xternal Balm, which is effective and very fast-acting. You can find this product at many dispensaries in California.


Cannabis can provide rapid relief for pain. Indica strains will provide the best pain relief, especially if they include CBD. You may want to try a topical, applied directly to the most painful area. Edibles can provide a longer duration of pain relief, while inhaled cannabis will be more rapid, but the effects will dissipate within a few hours.


As far as medicinal cannabis goes I would try and find an AC/DC (or other high CBD strain with less than 25% THC) concentrate and combine that with a topical cannabis cream. That is my personal "maximum strength" pain relief. I enjoy the AC/DC concentrate because of how potent it can be and how quickly it reduces my pain. I do understand that a lot of people like to stay clear of concentrates. They can be intimidating and, in a lot of cases, far too strong in THC content for most users (normally AC/DC is low enough to not worry about it). If that is the case then vaping a High CBD strain will work as well. The topicals are great for local muscular pain and help to reduce local inflammation/pain, while the CBDs do a great job of reducing my body’s muscle spasms over all.

On top of this I would also make sure that you are drinking enough water. A lot of back pain can be avoided by simply drinking enough water to keep the spaces between your joints, discs, vertebrae, etc. hydrated and properly cushioned. It is especially important to stay hydrated before you go to bed as this is when a lot of water has time to rehydrate hard to reach spots in your spine.


Have taken Nnorco for 6 years for back pain and have cirvicogenic headaches. Norco is not working. Is there some type of cream that might help?


Topicals! Cannabis topicals work wonders on lower back pain. I personally keep a few within arms reach at most times of the day for back pain. My favorite’s are Flower Power’s Extra strength, Om Edibles Lion Balm, and Sweet Releaf


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