What is the best product for insomnia that doesn't make you high? High CBDs and low THC? Thanks!

As I say, everyone is different so you are going to have to figure out what dosing and mode of administration works for you. If it is psychological issues that keep you awake, stress and/or anxiety, a straight CBD/Low THC tincture might work but it doesn’t work like a sleeping pill. Rather, over time the cannabinoids will increase your sense of well being leading to better sleep. If it is a physical problem, then High CBD/Low THC might not work. You can try what is called "micro dosing", using 5 mg or 10 mg of THC in edible form. Mixing this with cbd – perhaps getting 1:1 ratio bar that Kiva has may also help as CBD reduces the psychoactivity of THC. You can also build tolerance to THC through continued dosing so that you don’t feel the high with THC as your body builds up tolerance. Finally, research is showing that it is the myrcene – a terpene in cannabis – that, when taking in high enough doses – is what cause people to get drowsy. Indica strains usually have a high percentage of this essential oil Hope this helps.


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