What is the best product for insomnia?

"What from your menu would you suggest to help with my insomnia? I smoke from time to time, but would prefer not to every night. "

That’s a great question since there are so many different products out there with different ratios of THC:CBD. Our most successful, non-smoking product for insomnia is our 1:1 THC:CBD Tinctures. We’ve had patients suffering from insomnia ranging from totally healthy all the way to Stage 6 Alzheimer’s that have been treated with the TreatWell 1:1 1oz Human Tincture and have found immense success in sleeping through the night. It is taken via a dropper attached to the lid and placed sublingually (under the tongue) for a few seconds and then swallowed. Results are typically seen in about 20 – 30 minutes. This is a fantastic and healthy alternative to smoking.

Thanks for the question!


Our "Sweet Dreams Tincture" contains organic herbs and spices. It is a mildly and naturally relaxing/calming tincture that is great for sleep disturbances, depression, menopausal symptoms and stress. We suggest to put one drop under your tongue one hour before bedtime. Shake well before using. Or you can drop intended dosage into a cup of near boiling water and let steep for a few minutes. This will evaporate the alcohol content for individuals who do not wish to ingest alcohol. another way is to put a dosage into 4 – 6 oz. of milk one hour before bedtime. To fill dropper insert dropper into tincture and press and release the bulb. Turn dropper upside down and press bulb. Insert dropper into tincture and release bulb. Repeat until dropper is full.


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