What is the best tincture for insomnia?

CBD, though deeply relaxing, has been known to keep some users awake even in the face of insomnia. For your case, the 25:1 ratio is, most likely, not enough THC to induce sleep.

You may find more success with a balanced ratio as well as trying a formula that is specifically designed for insomnia.


I agree with Ryan that while CBD is quite calming, it’s also used for focus and may not be the cannabinoid you need for sleep.

In fact, you may want to look for a solution with CBN levels of .15 or higher to get your desired effect. Typically you’ll find CBN in higher THC strains because CBN is the degradation of THC, due to overexposure to light and air.

Nick DeJesus

You should look into increasing the amount of THC in your ratio. Just a bit of extra THC can amplify the benefits of the CBD. You could also look into using a low THC/high CBD edible as they can have a slightly different affect on the body/mind. A couple of our items that you may want to look in to are: CBD 4:20 Bar (2:1 ratio), CBD Zinger Cookie (100mg CBD/12mg THC), Hashman CBD Dark Chocolate Bar (1:1 ratio), CBD Balance Tincture (1:1 ratio), and Sweet Dreams Tincture (2:1 ratio roughly). You can find all these items along with everything else we carry on our 100% organic and vegan menu here: https://greendoorwest.com/collections


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