What is the best tincture product for insomnia?

Actually, insomnia usually stems from anxiety during the day and the mind is overactive it night. In order to quiet the mind it usually takes a 1:1, CBD: THC tincture or a 2:1, CBD: THC tincture the quiet in mind. I have found that many people do Sativa cannabis in the afternoon and evening and then wonder why they can’t sleep with their Indica cannabis. Since Sativa is very high in THC and very low in the CBD, taking Indica after Sativa will just bump up the THC level and over activate the brain making it impossible to sleep. If you have been taking Sativa in the evening, you must balance that THC with a high dose of CBD to create a one-to-one ratio in your body and you will go to sleep because the 1:1 you have now created will act like an Indica. Anything you do to bring your
CBD : THC into a 1:1 ratio, or 2:1 ratio should put you to sleep but I find in patients with anxiety, They must treat their anxiety 24/7 and this is achieved by doing high-dose CBD during the day also. There is no one best product for insomnia, it’s about knowing what you have on board and creating the balance between the CBD: THC. I hope this gives you clarity on how to proceed for a good nights sleep.


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