What is the best topical for myofascial pain?

I would try a variety of topical treatments by Making You Better Brands. For relief of widespread body pain I would suggest the Xternal Soak — Cannabis-infused Epsom Salts combined with soothing essential oils. While on the go, the analgesic Spray and/or Roll-on can provide relief within minutes. It’s quick and easy to apply and can fit in your pocket. You might also experience relief from the Balm, especially if you have someone rub it into your back and shoulders for an extended period of time. I recently found relief from lower back pain by smoothing Body Wash over the affected area before even getting into the shower. It eased the pain instantly and made it easier to step into the bathtub. It might help with your Myofascial pain, as well. Then adding hot water and slathering it all over enhances healing and feels wonderful. All MYBB products are fast-acting, affordable and contain the healing benefits of full spectrum, whole plant cannabinoids – as nature intended. Hope it helps! www.makingyoubetterbrands.com


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